The VooDoo Child – Thunder On The Horizon

VOODOO CHILD is a survivor ….. built to stay intact in the Australian wasteland …. 20 years of hard riding on rough roads is what it’s all about

First sighted as a wreck which was painted green with a paintbrush, and purchased from Glenn Innes Motorcycles on 10 July 1992. It had been crashed at least twice before, as the green paint was applied over bogged gravel rash.

After figuring out what he wanted, Alf set about piecing it together out of junk he had stashed away. Its design came about as a result of the Harley being unable to cope with thrashing along the dirt back roads, and Alf decided he wanted a bike he could fix on the side of the road, or weld up with borrowed gear (which as it turned out was a good move).

It was first put together as a burnout special for the 1992 Bombala bike show, where the tyre melted and glued itself to the burnout slab! They had to pry it loose at 3am with a shovel. After Cody crashed his GTR1000, Alf decided to rebuild the 2 bikes side by side, which is how Cody learned to file steel, doing all the dog work that Alf marked out.

They took the finished machine to Mick’s for a blue slip, and he passed it on the ute without even starting it. It was rego’d in time for the 1993 Old Tom Rally, but Alf was reluctant to ride it there as it had not been tuned properly, and he did not want to burn the new pistons.

An afternoon of plugchops and jetting cured that and its maiden rally was the 1993 Autumn Leaf Rally, hosted by the Tumut Valley Riders, where it picked up the trophy for the best Ratbike. It has since gone on to win over 30 trophies ranging from «HardLuck», drag racing, «Longest Distance Male» and many many Ratbike awards from all over.

It is made up of parts from all kinds of machines including Land Rover, and the main ignition switch came from the Snowy Sceme via the Cooma rubbish tip. The frame and engine numbers are matching from a 750, but the top end is all 900 (barrels, pistons, head and
cams), with 1100 carbs rounding it all out. The engine is oversquare (bore is bigger that stroke) which means it revs quite freely, and many are the smartarse who thought they could beat it!

After 7 years on the road and extensive travels, then 7 years in slumber, Alf returned it to the road in April 2008, just in time for the Autumn Leaf rally, where it once again picked up the Ratbike trophy!

Alf continues to thrash the arse off it down those same back roads, and it may well be
seen again at a rally or 3!

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